Month: April 2017

HTC U 11 on Geekbench

There are about two weeks left to present the highly anticipated HTC U 11, under the spotlight for weeks now ...


MGCOOL Explorer Pro was launched recently with support for 4K video shooting at 30 fps, Allwinner V3 processor, and Sony ...

A Rendering video will show you the features of Amigo incisively and vividly!

Geotel Amigo features a full metal body with fingerprint recognition system. The best grip size of the 5.2-inch 2.5D display

Touch Bar

That's why, if there is now a skin for the MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro that looks the same, ...

Samsung Galaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge now receive the update to Android 7.0 nougat with many improvements.

Final Cut Pro X

During a conference held today, Apple announced the company's new achievement: 2 million users of Final Cut Pro X.

Star Wars Episode IX

On one side we have Star Wars Episode IX, and on the other, the fifth adventure of Indiana Jones.

OnePlus 5

The OnePlus 5 is presented as the most interesting terminal for the next two months until the day of its ...

Xiaomi Amazfit

The new Xiaomi model - or rather its subsidiary Huami - takes a step forward with the launch of the ...

Watch Dogs 2

I understand that there is the key to the issue and that part of the problem is mine if you ...

Windows 10 S

According to a now revealed document, Microsoft plans with "Windows 10 S" a frontal attack on Google

Geotel note

Geotel Note is the latest flagship from the brand and it has already started to get a good amount of ...

Galaxy S8

The first chip with this manufacturing process would be Snapdragon 845, which would be ready in time for the Galaxy ...

MGCOOL Explorer

The camera MGCOOL Explorer features an Allwinner V3 SoC and Sony IMX 179 CMOS sensor.

Red Dead Redemption

The project to create a mod with the engine of the game Grand Theft Auto V the map of Red ...

4K and AMOLED screens

What would not get to Note 8 would be the seventh generation of Samsung OLED screens

glass cube in the Fifth Avenue

Apple Store, it is inevitable that the image of the renowned glass cube in the Fifth Avenue store in New ...

Nexus 6P

Already at the end of last year, some users complained that their Nexus 6P suddenly shut down, even with 60% ...

Windows Mixed Reality

And is that the spring update for Windows 10 has added support for this platform that has now been renamed ...

LG V30

At least until now, it seems that the LG V30 will incorporate a curved OLED display, according to The Investor.

Just confirm the notice that will reach us on the phone where we have the Microsoft Authenticator application open.

Geotel Amigo

Geotel Amigo is coming with Android 7.0 Nougat

The LG G6 will have 100 new apps optimized for its screen with 18: 9 format

Galaxy S8 and LG G6 are reaching users, there is more than enough time for third-party developers to update their ...

Xperia X Concept

The Xperia X Concept program ensures that registered users can try out newer versions of Android in the form of ...

Bixby Galaxy S8

Therefore, those who would like the Galaxy S8 and prefer to remap the Bixby button

Google Assistant

The Google Assistant is here to get you started, although for the time being it's hard to learn languages and ...

Basically, Homey PowerUp is a power adapter that charges your MacBook or MacBook Pro with 60W of power

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch and his star game have been imposed loosely

Since its inception, MGCOOL has been famous for its price advantage. This year, MGCOOL releases an MGCOOL Explorer ES.

Nintendo Switch

If you are running the Nintendo Switch on several TVs, the second dock will be coming soon.


Is this bad? Not necessarily, it simply tells us that Apple must have chosen to get Workflow features directly into ...

Meizu Pro 7 plus

According to a Weibo share, the upcoming Meizu Pro 7 will be having a larger version, larger than the standard ...

Apple Watch

If you are a Spotify subscriber and you have an Apple Watch, you will wonder why the service does not ...

iphone 7

And these bets are 3 GB of RAM on all models of the iPhone, something that right now is reserved ...

Huawei Enjoy 7 Plus

This time it's Huawei Enjoy 7 Plus, which seems to be a natural evolution of the Enjoy 6 we met ...

Windows 10

Two days ago we told you how to upgrade your computers to Windows 10 in the PC version to the ...

Surface Pro 5

Microsoft presents the Surface Pro 5 in an event that would take place during the month of April that we ...

Galaxy Note 7

A design problem in the upper right corner of Note 7 batteries caused "negative electrode deflections"

Surface Pro

Surface Pro 4 achieved a total of 855 points out of 1,000 possible while the Apple iPad stayed at 849 ...

grab uber

Grab Taxi was renamed as Grab recently.

Windows 10 Mobile

This is the list of terminals that at first would see as the update arrives at Creators Update

Xbox Scorpio

So why take out an Xbox Scorpio?

griffin magsafe macbook

For those users who do miss the magnetic connector, Apple has been scanning a MagSafe to USB-C adapter.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 3

The Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 is characterized in the processor by having a MediaTek chip that reaches a clock frequency ...

Mass Effect: Andromeda

So, Thursday will play back to the space of 'Mass Effect: Andromeda' and see if all these changes are really ...