The rumors about the definitive name of Android P begin: Popsicle, Pancake or Pineapple Cake are the ones that sound the most

Android P can be tested in its preview version. This is the beta version of what will end up being the next version of our operating system. But what we still do not know is what will be the definitive name of Android 9.0.

As every year, the list of rumors is huge because Google engineers instead of saying it clearly from the beginning take advantage of the love generated by this name to be releasing clues and riddles in different social networks. Until the summer we will not have the solution since Google does not usually anticipate the name until a couple of months before its official arrival. Nor will say during the Google I / O 2018, where we will not have the name but a thorough review of all the news that are expected and some other surprise.

As the rumors about the name of Android P have already begun, here is a list of possible ideas and what have been the latest rumors about the future name of Android.

Android Pineapple Cake

The first thing to note is that Android P actually has a name. It is ‘Android Pi’, which will not be its commercial name. It’s simply the code name that developers use to refer to it. A name that we have already seen written in the AOSP code.

In a related way during the progress of the Google, I / O 2018 one of the first clues was given when showing a ‘Pineapple Cake’ (pineapple cake). The pineapple is a fruit known around the world and the fact of being a cake makes it a dessert that fits perfectly on Android.

Android Popsicle

These days, Google has shown various wallpapers on Instagram. Among them clearly appears one dedicated to the Popsicle (ice cream stick). Here you can download them.

Android 9.0 Popsicle would be a quite plausible option since it is a refreshing dessert, easy to remember and with a short name. An option that will sound strong, although we can also say the same of many others.

Android Pancake

Hiroshi Lockheimer is the VP of Android, Chrome, Chrome OS and Play. In addition to being one of the founders of our operating system, usually, participate in this game to anticipate the name of Android.

At the end of September of last year, he already posted on Twitter a tweet about Pancakes National Day. And of course, users start thinking about what is clearly a joke. One that could easily coincide with the commercial name because, in the end, the decision of the name is something personal of Google’s own engineers.

Android Pumpkin Pie and so many other possibilities

My personal bet would be Android 9.0 Pumpkin Pie. The pumpkin pie is very good and is a compound name like they have not added for a long time. It is also a different flavor to the last ones and is found in all kinds of cultures. Of course, there are also many other possibilities because with the Easter egg of Android P we have no clue. Here a few, but we encourage you to leave your idea in the comments.

  • Android Pie
  • Android Peppermint
  • Android Pocky
  • Android Pancake
  • Android Pudding
  • Android Peanut Butter
  • Android Pecan Pie
  • Android Pineapple Pie
  • Android Pumpkin Pie
  • Android Profiterole
  • Android Popsicle
  • Android Pandoro
  • Android Panettone
  • Android Fish
  • Android Panna Cota
  • Android Parfait
  • Android Peanut Brittle
  • Android Praline