The first HomePod prototypes measured one meter and had dozens of speakers

The first HomePod prototypes measured one meter and had dozens of speakers

Bloomberg has published one of those pieces that allow us to know details about how the birth of a final Apple product has been. This time we talk about the HomePod, which we see as a small but powerful speaker to have at home. But apparently, it has not always had that final form.

What we see as a loudspeaker appearing after fairly uniform rumors has had a broken birth process: it started as a secondary project pushed by some employees, which was canceled and revived several times.

Many bumps, Amazon the biggest

The initial idea was very Apple: create a speaker with a very high sound quality. And for that several prototypes with multiple sizes and shapes were created. Apparently one was a huge tube almost a meter high, which carried “dozens” of internal speakers. Another had the shape of a flat screen, no more.

The arrival of the Amazon Echo caught the engineers working on the HomePod project by surprise, even joking accusing some colleagues of filtering their own plans to the company of Jeff Bezos.

From then on, seeing the sound quality of the Echo, the focus changed to do something similar but sound better.

Too bad the final HomePod will not arrive in time for Christmas because its sales would have been good. We will see what the reception is once it leaves at the beginning of 2018.


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