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The shortage of Snapdragon 660 would be the cause of the delay of the Moto X4

Nevertheless, one of the most anticipated terminals of Lenovo is the Moto X4, that would suppose the resurrection of the ...

windows 10

Microsoft has confirmed that a portion of the Windows 10 source code was leaked this week on the web.

When a new software update is available for the iPhone or iPad, it will be downloaded automatically if your device ...

Galaxy S8

One of the changes that will notice most Galaxy S8 owners who are receiving the update has to do with ...

A few weeks before the keynote of the WWDC17, Apple asked developers from different Chinese apps to deactivate their own ...

Affinity Photo takes time between us as an application for macOS. But since the last WWDC17 a few days ago

Affinity Photo takes time between us as an application for macOS


Describes it as a great quality alternative to Sonos, which is flatter than the Apple HomePod and miles away from ...

surface laptop

During the presentation of Surface Laptop, the new device of the range and the company's first traditional notebook

Steve Wozniak does not believe that the biggest innovations for the future will come from Apple - but from Tesla.

Assassin’s Creed: Unity

The video game in question is not an ISIS simulator, but the popular Assassin's Creed: Unity war game

Nintendo Switch

Unreal Engine reaches version 4.16 and now fully supports the Nintendo Switch.

If you have an LG G5, you can now install the LG G6 camera app, although for this you need ...

Finally a few weeks of the WWDC 2017, the apple company officially released the official versions of iOS 10.3.2, macOS ...

android o

With Android O will arrive the nth attempt and probably the most serious to date: Project Treble.

The Legend of Zelda will arrive on smartphones

Wall Street Journal reports it to a recent report that specifically refers to the mobile version of The Legend Of ...

Android TV

Sony has released a new update for its Android TV in the United States. On the products of the Japanese ...

Honor 9

As for the photographic section, as we said, the Honor 9 would bring a configuration in its double camera with ...

Owlchemy Lab company

On the day before yesterday, Google announced the acquisition of the Owlchemy Lab company, specializing in creating VR games

HTC U 11

The HTC U 11 will then follow the road already taken by HTC U Ultra, eliminating the headphone jack

Microsoft Photos

Project NEON also arrives at Microsoft Photo: the new graphic style, formally, is already supported in Windows 10 Creators Update

HTC U 11

Although lacking the absolute certainty that the recently leaked image really matches a part of the sales package of the ...

Star Wars Episode IX

On one side we have Star Wars Episode IX, and on the other, the fifth adventure of Indiana Jones.

Geotel note

Geotel Note is the latest flagship from the brand and it has already started to get a good amount of ...

Just confirm the notice that will reach us on the phone where we have the Microsoft Authenticator application open.

Xperia X Concept

The Xperia X Concept program ensures that registered users can try out newer versions of Android in the form of ...