A town in Europe is so beautiful that China has built a replica

Hidden in Dachstein mountains, not far from Salzburg, is a town that has some of the charms of fairy tales. It is surrounded by mountains and a beautiful lake swans mastered them go with you and all you hear are very cold waters where it feeds on the slopes, notes Huffingtonpost. Many others say it’s the perfect place on Earth.

Hallstatt town is part of UNESCO heritage Hoteles. But it is a place where hardly see the sun in winter and temperatures are usually below freezing. However, it is extremely popular. And this is due primarily salt.


Hallstatt is one of the oldest salt mines in the world, dating back to prehistoric times. Architecture weird mountains and houses built in the central square of the small town are a photographer’s dream.
Here you can practice winter sports, paragliding, water skiing or surfing.

Over 1 million tourists visit the resort annually.
The Chinese could not resist, so they have built a replica. In 2011, a mining company raised a Hall staff in China


The Austrians were skeptical about this project, but the original Hallstatt mayor saw a huge opportunity for tourism in the area and he even went to the inauguration reply from China. Today thousands of Chinese visit the city of Austria in cation year.


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