Destiny 2

Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen arrives next week with new weapons, armor, strikes, and more.

What’s up, Guardians, how are you doing? Right here, waiting for the arrival of the new season of Destiny 2 that Bungie has just released. It’s called the Season of the Chosen and it will begin on February 9, so we will only have to wait one more week to have a new loop of hours available.

This time we are going to have to do with Empress Caiatl. By the name surely it will not sound to many, I suppose, but if I tell you that it is the daughter of the heavy Calus, perhaps things will change. And if not, nothing happens either: she is also the leader of the Cabal, so we will have to give it to her hair.

Okay, maybe I was too harsh on Caiatl before explaining that his initial plans were actually to forge an alliance with the Vanguard. That’s where Zavala comes in, seeing that Caiatl is asking for too much, and decides no, no wedding rings or pickles. Here they have come to shoot and it’s over.

In addition to that narrative arc and everything that can reach the story level during the rest of the season, which will be active until next May 11, we have a new activity with matchmaking for three guardians called Battlegrounds where they must face a series of champions appointed by Caiatl herself.

On the other hand, a couple of rounds belonging to the first installment, Den of Demons and SABER Fallen, will arrive in Destiny 2, and a new round that will have to be unlocked a little later in the season known as Demonstration Field and whose enemies will be Exact.

To finish, and as is logical in each season, we can expect new weapons, armor sets, a new artifact, and more. Among the new weapons, we know that an exceptional bow called Divination of Ticuu will arrive that is capable of charging multiple solar arrows and gives the possibility of tracking several targets at the same time.

You already know that the seasons have free activities and events, but also with their own paid season pass for those who want to get extra objects, experience buffs, and materials. In this sense, the Season Pass will give instant access to both the new Praefectus armor set and the new Exotic Bow that you mentioned.