Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Expansion Delayed on PC until Spring and Fall on Consoles

Frontier Development’s intention was to publish the Odyssey expansion of Elite Dangerous sometime last year. However, it is clear that the plans did not go as well as the team thought because they just announced their delay.

Users who have the PC version will not be so affected by this date change, because it will be available in spring. On the other hand, the version for consoles will need more development time, hence its creators have announced that it will not be released until autumn, on a day to be determined.

Frontier Developments has commented that the coronavirus has been the great cause of this delay by not being able to work as it would like. Even so, those who pre-order the expansion will have access to an alpha phase on PC that will also take place in spring, although in this case it has not been specified exactly when it will happen.

The most important feature of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is that players will finally be able to abandon their spaceships and turn the action into the first-person action as they travel the planets of the universe on foot, which will bring new challenges, missions, tasks, fighting, and much more.