Huawei does not give up: top of the range (P50?) Arriving in the first half of 2021

huawei p50

2020 was an extremely difficult year for Huawei: its main top of the range was heavily penalized by the absence of Google services outside the Chinese domestic market. Just think of a product like Mate 40 Pro, incredibly interesting on paper, but very difficult to take into consideration when buying, precisely because of the lack of GMS.

Despite the excellent work done by the Shenzhen company with the development of its HMS, Google services are still fundamental for the management of several key aspects of Android, which is why it is difficult to do without them.

In addition to this, the ban imposed by the United States has greatly reduced the company’s ability to source new components for the creation of the next devices, to the point that the future is now very uncertain (and the sale of Honor seems to be indicative of the will to try to save the savable).

Despite this, the new rumors reported by TheElec newspaper suggest that Huawei is still planning the launch of its next top of the range for the first half of 2021.

At the moment there aren’t many details regarding the specs of what could be the P50 series, but the text suggests that it could be based on the Kirin 9000 SoC and adopt an OLED display provided by both Samsung and LG.

The detail regarding the Kirin is quite suspicious, as we know that Huawei has very limited stocks of this particular chip, which is why it is only present on the Mate 40 series and should not reach any other terminal, a detail also confirmed by Richard Yu himself.

It remains to be seen if Huawei has the possibility of making a smartphone based on the Snapdragon platform (but without 5G, so at most Snapdragon 855+ or maybe the 870, if it has the possibility of being configured in 4G version) or if it will have to resort to Density by MediaTek, as the Kirin card is quite difficult to play.