Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge joins Chrome and Firefox, two browsers that have been in the Apple app store for a while.

Tim Cook promises us that the Mac mini has a future, and we wonder what it is

Now what I'm wondering is, will they give a new focus to that Mac mini or will it still be ...

Multitasking by 3D Touch is back! Available in beta 2 of iOS 11.1

Indeed, it has been so, since the beta 2 of iOS 11.1 ( published a few hours ago ) it ...

When a new software update is available for the iPhone or iPad, it will be downloaded automatically if your device ...

Just confirm the notice that will reach us on the phone where we have the Microsoft Authenticator application open.


The trend is clear: iOS and Android come to grab the last remaining points to the other OS which, because ...

WhatsApp for Mac

If you want to send WhatsApp messages with the keyboard of your Mac, you can do this with the WhatsApp ...

FATHER AND SON, the first game published by a archeology museum

Father and Son will be released for free on iOS and Google Play, but other platforms are considered.

Designing Apps

The answer is simple enough - brands have to design apps which are embraced by users with a vital aspect ...

Injustice 2

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment today unveiled an official trailer for Injustice 2 story called 'The Lines has redrawn".

Windows Phones Getting GIF Support on Twitter

If you are already running the Twitter app on your phone or PC, simply update it from the Store to ...


A new preview build of VLC 3.0 brings support for 360-degree videos to the popular open source, cross-platform media player.


Aside from the UI-related redesign, Chrome 52 highlights in the engine changes too, including bug fixes and security patches.

Batman: The Telltale series first episode to launch in August

Batman: The Telltale Series will be a long winded enterprise amusement in the vein of the latest Telltale experience diversions.