The iTunes Store will stop working on the original Apple TVs and Windows XP / Vista

From time to time you have to do these things: Apple has confirmed through its official support website that the iTunes Store will stop working on the original Apple TV from May 25.

This is due to security changes that will be implemented that day, which will force the company to withdraw that support.

There is no scheduled obsolescence debate possible: we are talking about the first Apple TV, the original generation that was first presented as iTV and that ended up being renamed in its original release in January 2007. That was eleven years ago, so it is a product clearly obsolete.

Even so, Apple knows that there are still units of this generation working and has sent an email to all its owners notifying of the change. In the support document the company speaks quite clearly:

Also as of May 25, security changes will prevent your Apple TV (1st generation) from using the iTunes Store. This device is an obsolete Apple product and will not be updated to support security changes.

When the changes are made, you can only access the iTunes Store on Apple TV devices (2nd generation) or later.

Windows XP and Vista also get off the car

These changes will also affect all those PCs that still run Windows XP or Windows Vista. The iTunes Store will stop working in those systems, which are already 16 and 11 years old respectively.

These are very old versions that should no longer be used.

In this case, if it affects you, it is best to upgrade to Windows 10 to ensure compatibility not only with the iTunes Store but with all the services offered by Apple.

The oldest compatible version of Windows that you can use from May 25 is going to be Windows 7.