Apple would be about to acquire Shazam, the music recognition app

iMac Pro

Galaxy A8 Plus 2018

watchOS 4.2

iOS 11.2

The December update of Assassin's Creed: Origins will add a Horde mode, a difficulty level and other surprises

Microsoft Edge

Apple Face ID, OnePlus 5T

Chromebook Pro

iPhone X

began to speculate about Redstone 4

Samsung Galaxy S9

The first HomePod prototypes measured one meter and had dozens of speakers

Gaming with Integrated Graphics: 10 Great Games That Will Run Smoothly on Your Intel HD Laptop

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2018) and Galaxy A7 (2018)

The A11X chip of the next iPad could be an authentic eight-core monster

Xbox One X

Android FaceID

iOS 11.2

A HomePod with FaceID? This is what Nikkei analysts believe

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