MacBook Pro

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Apple decided to stop selling these bags but continues with the festive custom of January 2 giving away the balance ...

Chrome 70 will add support for the MacBook Pro fingerprint reader

According to AppleInsider, soon people with a MacBook Pro with Touch ID can use the browser to add support for ...

MacBook Air

Currently, the MacBook Air only makes sense in price, because in design and specifications has already been exceeded by the ...

Many are still looking for more savings than the lightness of the 12-inch MacBook or the power of the MacBook ...

Apple would be preparing three new Mac for this year with its own coprocessor, according to Bloomberg

With the excuse of adding the Touch Bar, Apple's MacBook Pro was the company's first computer to introduce its own ...

MacBook Pro

Apple has released official sleeves for the 12-inch MacBook, made in European leather and sold for 169 euros

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To give you an idea, these new devices will surely translate into two 13-inch MacBook Pro models, two 15-inch MacBook ...

thunderbolt 3

The change will also allow something more: that the Thunderbolt 3 interfaces can be directly integrated into the motherboard.

macbook pro

Apple started a few years ago a repair program for some MacBook Pro models

Apple MacBook

Introduced in 2006 as a substitute for the iBook, this laptop was the MacBook excellence until 2010.

Touch Bar

That's why, if there is now a skin for the MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro that looks the same, ...

Basically, Homey PowerUp is a power adapter that charges your MacBook or MacBook Pro with 60W of power

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For those users who do miss the magnetic connector, Apple has been scanning a MagSafe to USB-C adapter.

ASUS ZenBook Pro

Asus ZenBook Pro: Slim high-end notebook Powerful notebooks that have a good dedicated graphics card are often not very compact.

MacBook Pro 2017 Edition Hinted By MacOS Sierra

Apple has just refreshed its MacBook Pro line a few months ago and the devices got mixed reactions from the ...

Windows 10 Cloud

And it looks as though the low end is going to be catered for with a new version of Microsoft’s ...


The MacBook Air 2017 may not arrive, as per the rumors. The year 2016 saw a rather disappointing update on ...

MacBook Pro: Apple fixes errors found in battery

In its review of the MacBook Pro, Consumer Reports said its battery life test results varied wildly, from 4 hours ...


At CES 2017, the Taiwanese manufacturer Asus with the ZenBook 3 Deluxe (UX490) introduced a new high-end notebook

Apple MagSafe

Apple MagSafe can die - which calls Accessories manufacturers on the plan. Griffin has now presented various solutions


Instead, the company points since the presentation of the latest models of the MacBook Pro on the new Ultra Fine ...

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Lots of Users Have Been Complaining About the Battery Life on the ‘Touch Bar’ Enabled MacBook Pro Models

Surface Book

Knowing that Apple released a new MacBook Pro this year, there are rumors circulating that the Surface Book 2 will ...


iMac 2017 Might Come With Skylake Just Like the MacBook Pro 2016. Perhaps one of the highly anticipated desktops due ...


The new MacBook Pro 2016 with Touch Bar variant is now in stock with selected dealers


On the other hand, Surface Book 2 specs include Intel Kabylake chipsets for better graphics, higher resolution, and faster performance.

The New MacBook Pro's Models Prepared for Shipment

Buyers Who positioned Orders for custom Configurations of MacBook Pro Will have to Wait slightly Longer – Shipments for These

New MacBook Pro

Apple announced its all-new, long-awaited MacBook Pro in 13-inch and 15-inch versions, the first major redesign for the company’s high-performance ...