Krafton’s popular Battlegrounds Mobile India, successor to PUBG, returns

Krafton’s Battlegrounds Mobile India, the once chart-topping mobile game in the South Asian market, is now available to download on Android nearly a year after being ousted due to national security concerns.

The South Korean developer said on Monday that BGMI is returning with version 2.5 update, which features a fresh map, called Nusa, and upgraded weapons.

BGMI is returning to India as part of a three-month trial, the Indian Ministry of Electronics and IT said earlier this month. The ministry will be watching the game for any sign of disruptions, including its addictive nature. In response, Krafton said it will cap the gameplay at three hours daily for players under 18 and six hours for adults.

The reemergence of the game offers respite to the teeming millions of gaming enthusiasts in India who once crowned its predecessor, PUBG, as the nation’s favourite. That game was banned in mid-2020 amidst escalating geopolitical strains between India and China.

The resurgence of BGMI could open doors for some 300 other apps seeking re-entry into the Indian market. In a similar vein, Chinese fashion giant Shein has disclosed a new partnership with Indian conglomerate Reliance for its own market re-entry.

As for BGMI, Krafton said Nusa’s resort island features a new navigation mechanism, the ability to recall certain players who have died in certain conditions, and new vehicles including a two-seater.

Krafton’s popular Battlegrounds Mobile India, successor to PUBG, returns by Manish Singh originally published on TechCrunch

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