December has begun, Hello MGCOOL action camera series themed events are about to begin.

Alin Pogan
Alin Pogan

As we know, MGCOOL brands are newly established. But in fact, we do action camera for a long time.

From the time of Elephone, the first action camera —-MGCOOL Explorer, was born at that time.

And now, this action camera sells now in over 50 countries, favored by many consumers.

More importantly, this high-quality action camera at a competitive price is still very hot on the market.

After MGCOOL Explorer, MGCOOL continued to launch MGCOOL Explorer Pro, MGCOOL 360 and MGCOOL Elite.

Each one was touted by the market and consumers, a large number of original videos have been shot and shared on youtube, Facebook,Twitter,VK , etc by our users.

Every time they share is not only the user’s experience share and joy, but also it is a trust and love to MGCOOL and each action camera they launched.

Moreover, MGCOOL December action camera series major activities of the user feedback is being planned, more promotions about MGCOOL Action Cameras, please see:  MgCool official website and MgCool Facebook page

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