Windows Update on Creators Update will focus on improving updates to make them more transparent

Alin Pogan
Alin Pogan

Two days ago we told you how to upgrade your computers to Windows 10 in the PC version to the Creators Update. And is that a little less than 48 hours to see the spring update and many users who want to try the news that will bring.

Windows Update on Creators Update

These innovations have been able to prove the members of the Insider Program or those who have dared with an alternative method but for the rest of mortals now comes the moment of truth. And before proceeding with the updating of our favorite system it is not wrong to review some of the new functions that will incorporate, especially those referred to the update process.

Alternatives to download updates

With this name, Microsoft put in place a system to improve the way in which the different updates that were possible were received from other computers of the same local network or from Internet. Thanks to this system we can download applications and operating system updates from other computers within the same local network or the Internet

Basically what makes “Delivery Optimization” is to look at the computers in our environment connected to our account in the latest operating system application updates so to update if there is any slope.

To do this the system divides the packages and optimizes the management by searching for the fastest and safest download, checking for the authenticity of each file downloaded from other computers before proceeding with the installation.

The “Delivery Optimization” function is an option that we can adapt to our preferences in the section Settings > Updates and security > Windows Update> Advanced options and choose the way we want the updates to be added.

The upgrade process has been improved

It is finished that the equipment is updated and therefore it restarts in the less opportune moment. We talked about it in its day and just like in Mac OS or Android, now we can choose when to complete the installation of the last update the options “Restart the system now”, “Schedule” or “Remind later.”

In addition, if we are users of a version of Windows Professional, Education and Enterprise of Windows 10 we will have an even longer time span that will be extended to one week in order to defer the installation of an update with the intention that we leave all contents safe and Task that we are carrying out.

Windows Update on Creators Update

Managing download applications is more logical

If we have uninstalled an application from the ones that are installed ( we already saw, or do ), why does the system download it again with a new Windows update? A question they have taken note of from Redmond and which they have solved.

At the time of updating the system, our team will study and determine which applications we have proceeded to eliminate so that it does not re-download again. In this way, we find how to avoid having to carry out a double job on the part of the users every time an update of the system arrives.

Resource management has been improved

We saw it the other day. Before proceeding with an upgrade the computer will perform a study of the machine resources and one of them is the available storage capacity. In this way, if we do not have enough space we will not be able to continue and we will have to do the cleaning, something that will now be easier.

And is that now Windows 10 will be clearer when it comes to providing information on how much space is needed and in case you need to release gigs of information, which are the methods that make us available.

Renewed Icons

We have already seen it in its time and is that the first thing that strikes is the new icon for notifications in Windows Update that now fits better with the rest of the symbols that makes Windows Vista Creators Update. An icon that will appear in Windows Update and in the Action Center.

Also from Redmond have worked on improving the update process so that it is now easier to check if we have pending updates and what the status of them. It seeks to improve the experience of use as in the case of icons, it becomes more visual.

They are just some of the news that come with Creators Update and that we will see in the coming days.

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