5 Useful Gadgets and Apps Every Travel Enthusiast Needs

There’s nothing as amazing as a backpacking trip and there’s practically nothing as stressful as packing for one.

But, as they say, “bring twice as much money as you think you will need and half as much stuff”.

Though we may agree with the latter part, but carrying so much cash in pocket? Na! Living in the twenty-first century, we are surrounded by excellent gadgets and apps that allow us to stay up on our feet all the time.

The smartest way to travel today is to stay handy with top travel gadgets and app in the bag and enjoy your trip to your heart’s content.

Here are five useful gadgets every travel enthusiast must carry.

External Battery Charger

When on the go, the most important thing nowadays is to keep the battery of your smartphones, tablets and laptops fully charged. But, continuous use would sooner or later drain their battery, and there may even come times when you won’t be able to find a plug anywhere around you to charge your gadget(s) again. For such times, it is vital to carry an external battery charger.

There is a wide range of high capacity portable external battery chargers available in the market which offer enough emergency back-up to charge your gadgets, at least, two times, allowing you to enjoy your trip without worry.

Luggage Tracker

Losing or misplacing luggage is practically the most annoying thing that could ever happen to you while you’re away from home on a trip. Instead of leaving it to the authorities to find your misplaced luggage, it is best to have a luggage tracker in a pocket. They are small, convenient and very easy to use. You can get all the information you want right on your smartphone with just a few clicks.

Waterproof Case

While we are talking about smartphones and travel gadgets, it is very important to protect them from getting damaged, especially your smartphones. There are a myriad variety of protective cases available in the market, but it is best to opt for a waterproof one. It not only restricts water from seeping into your smartphone but allows you to carry it underwater and click some brilliant photos of the marine life.

Selfie Stick

Okey! Let’s face it. Each one of us is fond of clicking pictures. Not just capturing the beauty of the majestic place we are visiting, but also having, at least, several great pictures of our own posing in front of or with the destination’s highlights in the backdrop. This evidently can be a bit of a problem especially when you’re traveling solo. A selfie stick can be your savior. You can easily click some awesome selfies using the selfie stick and preserve them as souvenirs.

E-Book Reader

Though most of us, till date, prefer actual books over digital ones, but when it comes to packing less, e-books are a good alternative. So, if you are an avid reader or looking for interesting ways to pass the time while traveling, you should definitely consider getting an e-book reader. Kindle, is one such gadget you can load with dozens of books and doesn’t really ask for much space in your backpack. Besides, it is wonderful opportunity to catch up with your reading.

Travelling is not just about carrying the right set of gadgets, it’s about having the right digital savvy travel tools to make your trip more convenient, fun-filled and memorable.

Here are five apps you must have installed on your smartphone:


GetYourGuide is an amazing app that allows you to book your tours and activities around the world in a matter of few seconds. Whether you are in the mood for a Dubai desert safari or planning a romantic Paris helicopter tour with your loved one, you can make any and every booking through this fantastic app, in advance or on the go. Either way, you can conveniently skip the long queues and make payments for everything through the app. The app is available both on Android and iOS, so no matter which smartphone you are carrying, you can conveniently download the app and find everything you are looking for on your trip.


Airbnb is a unique app that allows you to look for any and every kind of accommodation option available in the city you are visiting – be it a regular hotel room, a villa, a castle, or even a van as a matter of fact. The app tramples the competition when it comes to accommodation listings. You can filter down the search as per your needs and budget and even make online bookings avoiding last minute rushes.


While you are planning your trip and making bookings, your mailbox is flooded with tons of emails related to flights, car rentals, and accommodations, which pile up and eventually some important ones may get lost in the bulk. TripIt helps gather all these emails and combines them into a single, easy-to-read thread. The app scans your emails for dates of your travel and adds them automatically to your calendar. It further sorts them in a systematic order and combines maps to help you navigate easily.

XE Currency

This app is especially very useful when you are traveling overseas. XE Currency conveys currency conversion rates allowing you to use your money judicially. Available in both Android and iOS versions, it supports almost every nation currency in the world. It also allows you to track up to ten currencies simultaneously.

The best thing about the app is that it constantly revises the rates and keeps the users updated even when you are using the app offline.

Google Translate

Google Translate is one of the best apps you must have on your smartphones when traveling to a city / country whose language is by far very different from yours. The app is most useful on a practical level as it helps quickly translate day-to-day words you may come across on your travel in your local language.

All you need to do is hold your phone’s camera up to the text – such as a menu or a sign board, and Google will instantly translate it into your language for you to conveniently understand.