The AirPods are again difficult to find and are already delivered by 2018

AirPods are a fantastic product whose price makes them the perfect gift for an Apple user compared to other options. This must have been interpreted by many people since their availability for this Christmas has become complicated. Who wants to get an AirPods now, should wait until 2018.

A very sought-after accessory

The AirPods made their debut in mid-December last year, but their availability soon became more complicated. Some of us could get a pair of these headphones before the end of the year, but a significant part had to wait several weeks. During the following months, its availability remained between 6 and 4 weeks. Until September of this year, the supply of AirPods was not stabilized.

Now and with the approach of Christmas, the waiting times have again extended over time. A quick look at the web or app of the Apple Store tells us that its delivery is made from January 2, 2018.

AirPods are becoming difficult to find in store, with delivery times already in 2018

As an anecdote, a few days ago I was in California and took the opportunity to find a pair to give as a gift. After trying an Apple Store, two Walmart and a Best Buy, at the end I found some in my last attempt at a store of the company. In previous attempts, they told me that they had been out of stock for several days.

If you are thinking of giving away AirPods, there are still alternatives in stock. For example, in Amazon, they are found for 176 euros and K-Tuin has them for 179 euros.