This is the Android FaceID compatible with Qualcomm to stand up to Apple

Android FaceID

We have several weeks with our heads on the iPhone X, and that has been a revolution in this terminal.

Everyone is talking about him and that is that Apple, although many people believe that it has not, has launched something truly different, such as FaceID, but will this technology ever reach Android?

There are many people who believed that the iPhone X was going to fail because it did not have a fingerprint sensor and only use its facial recognition system.

This system can be similar to the iris scanner of the Note 8 or facial recognition that we have seen several years in Android, but really, it is a much more advanced technology that works really well, and that for many, is the future.

This camera would be 4 megapixels capable of recognizing the faces of people in a maximum distance of 5 meters, something that would make it different from the Apple system.

What we do not see that it changes is the angular one of the terminal to not have to be watching the terminal to unblock it, although later it may have its angle greater than that of the iPhone X.

This system would work in the same way as the FaceID: it would create a map of our face in three dimensions and would recognize all the points of our face, and it would not only serve for facial recognition but to recognize surfaces and more objects, as well as helping the effect of depth.

A system already focused on mixed reality

This technology will be presented at the Las Vegas CES in 2018, but we have good news, as it can be included in all smartphones that carry a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660, 835 processor, and the company’s next high-end processor, the Snapdragon 845, so it would not be strange to see some high-end with this technology at the MWC Barcelona.