Android O will arrive on August 21, and Google has already started countdown

Android O

Every year, more or less at this time, we are looking forward to the next version of Android, along with its novelties and, above all, the name was chosen.

Although many want/want to be called Oreo, for this to be confirmed or denied we will have to wait, not much.

During these weeks different dates have been rumored, some of which pointed out that this week would have been the chosen one, but in the end, it did not occur.

The same person predicted that the new date would be August 21, and this time has been successful, as Google has started on the Android web countdown very much in style.

On August 21 at 20:40 (Spanish time) we will finally know the name of Android and its new features.
The date was chosen, as we said, is August 21 at 20:40 Spanish time, 13:40 in Mexico.

Of course, there will be the live broadcast of the event to know all the news that has not yet been unveiled.

In the Android web, you can see several references to the solar eclipse that will take place a couple of hours before (and that NASA will relay), as the pet gradually addressing this phenomenon.

So, we only have to wait three days and a couple of hours to finally know the name Android, new operating system and, hopefully, the arrival of the rest of Google Assistant markets.

Do you expect any news not mentioned in Android and, above all, what do you think will be its final name?