Android Oreo gives you fewer reasons to root: you can quickly apply themes to your smartphone without rooting

Android is, to this day, the mobile operating system that more freedom of customization leaves the user, but from their early years, some wanted even more. This is how the root world arrived, with its modules and ROMs. With each new release, Google has tried to give us less reason to root our smartphones.

One of the ways he used was preventing certain important apps from working with root (like Android Pay ), but it seems that this time has changed strategy, and is helping us to customize our phones more without having to carry out this process.

In this way, according to XDA, Android Oreo will soon be able to support the themes without having to rootear the smartphone.

With the Substratum theme engine on Android Oreo, it might soon be possible to further customize our phones, even include the longed-for dark theme.
Since the disappearance of CyanogenMod Theme Engine, the team behind Substratum, its replacement, has tried to support ROM level to more devices without it having to be rooted.

Now the team has wanted to go further, and ** has been looking for ways to give support to the user to access the entire system without being root ** if the mobile runs Android Oreo.

This way you can do things like insert custom themes for the user interface, third-party applications or custom fonts for third-party apps, among many other things. If you’re thinking about being able to use the dark theme even in Android stock, yes, it seems like this would be possible.

A substratum themes manager is expected soon

Google, for the previous versions of Android Oreo, incorporated Substratum, which is based on a Sony engine called OMS (Overlay Manager Service), which had been accepted in the AOSP during Android 7.1.

Already during the Developer Preview, some developers had seen traces of Substratum for the code, so in the final version, they also looked for it.

[quote_colored name=”” icon_quote=”no”]Indeed, evidence was found of its existence in Oreo, but to access the issues of Substratum installed still had to be rooted.[/quote_colored]

But the developer behind the XDA Labs application discovered that by using elevated permissions and access to the OMS command interface, Substratum themes could be applied without the need for root.

While the process is not easy, those with Android Oreo and Substratum themes installed can carry out the process they describe at the end of the XDA article.

But for the owners of a terminal with the latest version of the operating system that does not want to complicate, within a week could come a solution.

The “miracle” would be possible thanks to a manager of topics that the team of Substratum will have ready, as they expect in XDA, soon. The main advantage is that this manager would only need to run Android Oreo to start enjoying a variety of themes.

Do you think this will mean that many will not want to rotate their mobiles when Oreo arrives?

// XDA