Android Things Developer Preview 5, Google’s IoT is now based on Android O

Android Things

The development of Google’s proposal to conquer the Internet of Things continues to advance. With its launch just around the corner, we are now bringing their fifth previous version of Android Things to introduce important developments in this Android-based operating system.

Android O

The big change in Android Things Developer Preview 5 is that it is now based on Android O, currently also in the previous version for mobile phones, tablets, and televisions. Before Android Things was based on Android Nougat, but now the future applications of Android Things should be designed with the new API 26.

Hardware Changes

This new previous version adds support for the new NXP SprIoT i.MX6UL plate, but in turn removes the support of two Intel plates, the Edison and Joule, which is no longer manufactured, which also removes Google support, Staying stuck with Android Things DP 4.1.


New API features come to Android Things after being now based on Android O, along with new features specific to this version of IoT operating system. The previous fifth version now supports OpenGL ES 2.0 and WebView in Raspberry Pi 3.

Android Studio

Examples of Android Things are now available for importing from Android Studio from File > New > Import Samples and searching for the word Things. Google will display a variety of examples, such as how to interact with buttons, sensors, LEDs, and screens, in addition to implementing Google Assistant and TensorFlow.

With Android Things, anyone who is creating an application will also know how to create an IoT device.

Android Things Console

Finally, the developer console for Android Things improves its interface and usability. The developers will be able to send the OTA of this new version previous to their devices IoT manually from this console to begin to enjoy its news and improvements.