Google launches Android Wear beta based on Oreo

Android Wear

Google has just announced a new beta of Android Wear, based on Android Oreo, which borrows a few features. Best of all, it’s already available, though that’s just for one device, the LG Watch Sport.

This new release adds API 26 and includes support for a few of Oreo’s new features such as notification channels or new limitations for background services.

Notification Channels

Notification channels are a new feature introduced in Android Oreo where notifications can be categorized so that each category includes a different setting. In this new version of Android Wear, users can take advantage of notification channels also on their handheld devices.

This way, it is possible to control what kind of notifications will be received in the application, with the possibility to silence only certain types of notifications instead of “all or none”. From the Android Wear device itself, you can choose the types of notifications you want to receive.

Background execution limits

The second is the implementation of new limits for services running in the background. This involves several changes aimed at increasing battery life: without visible notification, developers should not assume that the back-end service will continue to run.

It is unclear which devices will arrive this Android Wear update, beyond the LG Watch Sport. If you have one, you can try this beta version before anyone else by pointing to the Android Beta program.

For the rest of Android Wear, we will have to wait for Google plans. It is possible that tomorrow, in the event of Google, we know more details.

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