Photos and prices of the new Google Home Mini and DayDream View are leaked

Google daydream Home Mini

We know that next October 4 Google will introduce us to their new phones Made in Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, but although we suppose they will be accompanied by more devices, officially is not confirmed. According to two leaks to Droid Life, would arrive with a new viewer DayDream View and a mini version of Google Home.

Sendas leaks do not come alone but are accompanied by the photos of rigor and their recommended sales prices. The Google Home Mini would cost $49 and the new DayDream View, $99.

Google Home Mini, small and cheap

If the 129 euros that the current Google Home costs you seem a lot, and to validate the sources that have passed the information to Droid Life, next October 4 you would have the option to get a Google Home smaller and cheaper, the Google Home Mini.

Google Home Mini would be available in the three colors of the previous image (Chalk, Charcoal, and Coral) and would cost only 49 dollars, 80 dollars less than the normal Google Home.

The dots at the top will presumably be lights that will turn on to show notifications while you are interacting with the device.

New DayDream View

On the other hand, the DayDream View would also receive a new version, although in this case would come accompanied by a price increase. This new DayDream would cost $ 99, 20 more than the previous version and would be available in the same colors as the Google Home Mini.

The filtration does not detail more information so that we understand the reason behind this price increase, beyond which the material is appreciated slightly different from the previous version.

We will see very soon, next October 4, if these prices are real and what is the reason behind.