The Google Pixel 2 and the minijack, an inevitable break?

Google Pixel 2

August has already begun and the mobile panorama is preparing for the launches that come each year for the return to school. The IFA fair is the closest event, but with the arrival of autumn is also expected the announcement of two new key devices for the Android panorama. Yes, we are talking about Google Pixel 2.

The second generation of Google’s flagship is giving a lot of talks, and one of the hottest debates about its new features has to do with the controversial minijack. Will they bring mini jack? Will they eliminate it?

At the moment there is nothing confirmed but there is increasing evidence that Google will join the group of ‘the brave’ and the Pixel 2 will dispense with the headphone connector.

Minijack yes, no minijack …

First of all, let’s make clear that the Pixel 2 are in the uncertain terrain of the rumors and there is no official confirmation about its design or features.

However, there are quite reliable leaks, especially the one that brought us Android Police several weeks ago and that included details about its features and a nice render, which is none other than this text illustrates.

What is most striking is the reduction of frames that surround the screen, something that the first Pixel was missing.

However, the picture does not make it clear whether what Google’s new headphone will carry minijack, and it is not the first time we hear that the company plans to delete this connector.

The well-known ‘leaker’ Onleaks also joined the party of renders with one of his classic 360 videos in which we can see what would be the design of the Pixel 2 from all angles. The design matches what Android Police proposes, but this time you see the edges of the terminal, and there is no trace of minijack.

But not all bets are against the minijack. A few days ago, supposed protective covers were leaked for the Pixel 2 that unbalanced the balance in the opposite direction. According to these sleeves, the Pixel 2 will have minijack, and will be located at the top.

The problem here is that it is not possible to know if the sleeves correspond to the final design, which is exactly the same as happens with the renders, only that at least the renders are backed by two more knowns and, above all, reliable sources.

There is still hope, but there are several leaks that point in a clear direction: Pixel 2 will not have minijack.

So far, the minijack is losing 2 to 1, and the last signs seem to put the last nail in his coffin. The information comes from the hand of Stephen Hall, editor in chief of 9to5google, where a while ago we talked about this change of strategy of Google. Now, Hall says Pixel 2 will say goodbye to the headphone jack.

In this case, we have no images to support this statement, but again we are facing a source that has been successful in the past, and say that when the river sounds, water carries …

Where I said minijack I mean …

As I said at the beginning, at the moment we have no confirmation of the death of the minijack in the Pixel range, but the truth is that there are not many bets in your favor, although personally I still hope that Google will keep it.

In fact, the brand should be the first one interested, so they would save to explain why they have changed their idea and last year they boasted that the Pixels had minijack.

On these lines you can see one of the promotional videos of the first Pixel, around the second 45 we can see that moment in which they criticize the brands that had decided to eliminate the minijack (Motorola and Apple, but especially Apple).

No matter how hard they try to include adapters or extol the Bluetooth headsets, minijack is a connector that still makes a lot of sense and eliminating it is more of a problem than a solution. We expect the Pixel 2 to retain it, although if they end up selling only in a few countries, it may not matter as much.