New to Android O: Quick Settings Bar Renews

The next version of our favorite operating system looks like it will come with many new Android O features.

New to Android O: Quick Settings Bar Renews
In the new Android O Developer Preview 2 that since yesterday is available for the Nexus and Pixel we find an important change in its interface.

If in the first previous version we saw how the adjustments were redesigned and reorganized, now in this second previous version the changes arrive at the quick settings bar.

This is the quick settings bar on Android O

The Android O Quick Settings bar says goodbye to dark gray to welcome light gray, but the color change will not be its only novelty.

Now when lowering the Android O notification bar will continue showing the information of time, battery and networks of the status bar, it will not disappear or change that information.

This change now makes the date and options to access the full settings, customization of quick settings and user change is now at the bottom of the bar.

Also the volume control of the device changes to the same light gray color to be in accordance with the new aesthetic of the quick adjustments.