Pixel 2: Screens 5 and 6 inches, Snapdragon 835, 4 GB RAM and no minijack

Assuming that Google lets a year pass until the arrival of its next smartphones, the Pixel 2 will be official next October.

pixel 2

In this sense, there is still enough for its official announcement but as always the rumors are going ahead and we already have what would be the main features of the Pixel 2.

This year, Google would repeat the formula of launching a pair of smartphones in two different sizes, in fact, it is believed that there would be a more diagonal difference between the normal model, dubbed Walleye, and the model phablet, which would respond to the name of Taimen. But in addition to the screen size, there would be other differences between both as the design or absence of minijack in the more compact version. This is what has leaked from Pixel 2.

The gap between the Pixel and the Pixel XL expands

If we look at the features of the Pixel duo released last year, the screen diagonal was the most marked difference, but the same configuration was maintained in points such as memory, processor or camera. According to the rumors, the new pair of Pixels that arrive this year will follow the same line, although the differences between both will be more marked.

For starters, the leaks say that the larger model, the Pixel XL 2 or ‘Taimen’, will raise the screen diagonal up to 5.99 inches. In addition, it would be an OLED screen manufactured by LG and would have QHD resolution, while the normal Pixel or ‘Walleye’ would be left with a panel FullHD of 4.97 inches – we do not know if OLED in this case, although we hope so.

The design would be another differentiating point. The two models would come with the back in metal and glass that we knew the first Pixel, but only the Pixel XL would add to the trend of the reduction of frames. In the case of Pixel 2 ‘Walleye’, the rumors speak that it will take advantage of the front frames to include a pair of front speakers. However, we hope that the front is also better used as it is one of the weaknesses of the first generation design.

Another of the differences that would separate the future Pixel would be the minijack of headphones, a controversial connector that we would find in the big model, but that would not be included in the more compact version. The truth is that this part is the one that fits us the least of everything filtered, we will have to see if it ends up confirming. Another detail is that at the moment there is no indication that neither will carry a double camera.

Otherwise, the two models would have a Snapdragon 835 processor, 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB for the compact model and 128 GB for the XL version, but it is not ruled out that the two arrive in two versions according to capacity. To close, we leave you with the provisional specifications table.

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