How to Recover Deleted Photos from LG G5

lg g5

Accidental data deletion are quite common with LG G5 or any other Android smartphone due to their sensitive touch screens and with the rising malfunctioning issues such as system crash, factory reset and virus attacks, you can never make sure if the data inside your smartphone is secure or not.

Even a slightest wrong touch or slide can delete the important items such as pictures, messages, contacts, videos from your phone without any warning.

It becomes very sensitive and emotional subject if you accidentally delete sensitive data such as memorable pictures, official text messages, important reminders or precious collection. Most technology forums are filled with questions asking how to recover deleted photos from LG G5 and even on our blog, people are asking every day to provide a solution for it.

So today, we took the liberty to discuss this serious matter and how to recover deleted photos from LG G5 or any other Android phone.

Is it possible to recover deleted data from LG G5?

The short answer will be a big YES! The reason why data recovery is possible on LG G5 is that all the data deleted on your smartphone are actually stored on the reserve memory and if you don’t overwrite your memory storage unit with new data, then it is quite possible to recover these deleted items with the help of any data recovery tool.

Please note – For better recovery possibilities, do not download any new data on your phone after observing any missing items. If you overwrite or rewrite new data on your phone then the data will be permanently deleted from the cache memory as well.

Which Data Recovery Should I use to Recover Deleted Photos from LG G5?

There are myriad of LG data recovery tools available online and we have tested most of them. After researching and testing all the data recovery software, we have found out that TunesBro DiskLab for Android is the best and feature wise, it is on top of all of them.

What makes TunesBro DiskLab for Android better than other data recovery tools?

  • Recover deleted data within minutes. Doesn’t matter if the data deletion occurred due to system crash, virus attack, factory reset or accidental deletion.
  • Unique and intuitive design. No technical skills required to use this data recovery tool.
    Retrieve over 20+ data types including videos, music, pictures, contacts, messages, WhatsApp chat, calendars, notes, call logs and so on.
  • Over 1500+ Android smartphones brands and models are supported such as LG, Sony, Samsung, Motorola, Asus, Google, HTC, etc.
  • Preview data before recovering them.
  • 30- Days free trial.
  • Dedicated after sale and pre-sale support.
  • Featured on top magazine websites such CNET, Softpedia and so on.
  • Positively reviewed by thousands of customers.

How to recover deleted photos from LG G5 with data recovery tool?

It literally takes 3 easiest steps to recover deleted photos from your LG G5. Although, it doesn’t require any instruction, for your own benefits we are going to write down a step by step guide to show how to use this data recovery tool.

Step 1. Visit and download Android for DiskLab on your Windows operating system computer and run the program after finishing the installation to see its main user interface.
Step 2. Connect your LG G5 to the computer and wait for the data recovery tool to show the smartphone.

[quote_colored name=”” icon_quote=”no”]Tip: You may need to enable USB debugging mode for a smooth data recovery experience.[/quote_colored]

Step 3. Hit the “Start Scan” button and let the data recovery tool deeply scan your entire smartphone. Please do not disconnect your phone from a computer at this point or else the progress will be interrupted unexpectedly.

Step 4. Once the scanning is successfully finished, the tool will let you preview every deleted item from your phone. Open the “Gallery” from the left sidebar to preview the removed photos from your phone. Select them all and click on “Recover” from the bottom right corner to save them on your computer in the desired location.

To transfer these deleted photos to your LG G5, simply copy them from your computer and paste it on your memory card.


Data recovery has always been challenging for the software developers due to certain limitations. Please note, it is indeed free to try the program and you can preview the deleted items without paying anything but if you want to recover them successfully then you will need to register the software and enjoy all the features of this program. It is very cost effective program given that the deleted photos on your phone is priceless.