Apple Music: Half Million for exclusive deal with Chance the Rapper

After increasing pressure from the outside, the American artist Chance the Rapper now defended his exclusive deal with Apple Music on Twitter.

Chance the Rapper

The hard competition for exclusive content in streaming offers seems to pay off – at least for the artists.

As the American musician Chance the Rapper now revealed on Twitter, he received from Apple Music a whopping 500,000 US dollars as well as extra-produced advertising content, so that the iPhone giant his successful album “Coloring Book” for two weeks exclusively in its streaming Service.

Rapper defends exclusive deal

The Mixtape “Coloring Book”, already released in May 2016, was the first ever streamable album to be the top ten of the Billboard 200 charts and brought the rapper three Grammys. However, the deal encountered partial criticism.

In his Twitter post, the rapper with the bourgeois name Chancellor Jonathan Bennett defended his then decision.

So he needed the money and, according to him, the deal was worth it, to provide his self-produced album exclusively on Apple Music for a limited time of two weeks.

In addition, he then made his album available free of charge at SoundCloud.

Exclusive offers reap strong criticism With exclusive offers, streaming services have been trying to bind new subscribers for quite some time.

However, this market strategy is increasingly being criticized, since only customers of a single supplier can benefit from a particular artist.

Paying users of competing services would have to change the service or pay for it twice.

In addition, especially the large streaming providers such as Apple Music and Spotify stand for the otherwise very low remuneration for artists in the pillory.