Only revenue from Apple Watch and AirPods / Beats is the size of a Fortune 500 company

Although Apple is two pillars of sales, the Apple Watch and AirPods next to the Beats continue to appear under the Other category when Apple presents fiscal results.

Apple Watch and AirPods

In the case of yesterday, we saw how the Other category took a significant portion of revenue, but unfortunately, we can not know how much sales do separate Apple Watch and AirPods.

Still, Tim Cook left some interesting pearls in the wake of this, for example, if a company sold the Apple Watch, AirPods and other Beats products, it would be so big that it would be in the Fortune 500 as one of the biggest companies in the world.

If Tim Cook’s claim is correct, it means that the sale of these products together has revenues of $ 5 billion or more. However they did not want to give more specific details, only the satisfaction index of the 98% obtained by the AirPods was commented.

Due to the recent launch of the AirPods compared to Apple Watch, due to the price of Apple Watch and due to the stock problems of the AirPods, it is understandable that the vast majority of that revenue comes from the Apple Watch.

Do not forget the BeatsX and other Beats speakers that Apple currently sells.


What has to happen for Apple Watch data to be offered separately and outside the Other category? Surely sales will increase even more.

Possibly when they are even superior to the iPad and we can see them separately, and it is then when we will have accurate sales data and not just approximations or comparisons like the Fortune 500 this time.