A new, more affordable MacBook Air is on the way, possibly arriving in the fall of this year

The arrival of a new, more affordable MacBook Air has been rumored for months. Currently, the MacBook Air only makes sense in price, because in design and specifications has already been exceeded by the MacBook.

Apple is expected to update this year to continue offering the best Mac as an entry range. According to suppliers, in the autumn of this year.

As reported by DigiTimes through information provided by some Apple suppliers, the company has delayed the mass production of this new MacBook until the second half of the year. In other words, the production of this new MacBook Air will not begin until after the WWDC.

Taking into account that it takes two or three months in advance before the launch, possibly see the light in October next to a new version of macOS

The production of this laptop was expected early this year, just to make its launch in the WWDC. However, it seems that Apple has decided to delay its launch. He has not given reasons why this delay to suppliers, according to DigiTimes. However, it would not be the first Apple laptop to arrive in the fall.

A cheaper MacBook than the current MacBook Air

MacBook or MacBook Air, what will be its final name? Apple has abandoned the naming “Air” in its latest products, simplifying the ranges in the normal version and Pro version. iMac and iMac Pro, iPad and iPad Pro, MacBook and MacBook Pro… the MacBook Air are in no man’s land.

Perhaps it will keep Air’s name one more generation as well as its design. However, everything points to that it will be a MacBook with a new design and above all a considerable price reduction.

There is a desire for this laptop, according to analysts, is the preferred laptop of many users in the market, both for its price and its design. Although the MacBook is thinner and lighter, it seems that its price and specifications do not quite convince.

This new MacBook could mean for Apple a significant growth in the computer market, we will see in the coming months what may be the reason for the delay.