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Apple to adopt new technology for its chargers that will make them smaller and faster

According to a new Digitimes report, Apple is preparing to change the technology it uses in its chargers. As a result of the change, these indispensable accessories of our devices would become faster and also noticeably more compact .

Smaller, faster and more powerful chargers

According to the publication, Ireland-based Navitas Semiconductor expects to receive a major contract from Apple to manufacture Gallium Nitride (GaN) chargers. Manufacturing would start this same 2021 and would have the cooperation of TSMC, Apple’s supplier, which would take care of the necessary chips.

Ireland-based Navitas Semiconductor, US-based Power Integrations, and China-based Innoscience are the top three global providers of fast-charging solutions based on GaN-on-Si chips. Navitas is expected to get orders from Apple and other suppliers in 2021, and TSMC to supply GaN-on-Si chips, industry sources noted.

The truth is that more and more we see competitive chargers entering this market and offering alternatives to Apple chargers that stand out for their small size and high power. In fact, Navitas is already a manufacturer for brands such as Xiaomi or Aukey. Ming-Chi Kuo has already reported that Apple would surely introduce two or three new chargers in 2021 and speculated that they could be more powerful thanks to GaN technology.

Although this technology allows to increase the power of the chargers, we have seen some of about 300W, the truth is that Apple’s strategy moves away from the gross power that damages the device’s battery when charging it and closer to software solutions that extend its useful life. In any case, if the new iPhone or Mac come with smaller chargers than the current ones, it will undoubtedly be good news.