Apple would be preparing three new Mac for this year with its own coprocessor, according to Bloomberg

Apple would be preparing three new Mac for this year with its own coprocessor, according to Bloomberg

With the excuse of adding the Touch Bar, Apple’s MacBook Pro was the company’s first computer to introduce its own coprocessor.

The T1 chip was responsible not only for managing this Touch Bar but also removed tasks to the main Intel processor, it was the first step.

The next to introduce a proprietary coprocessor has been the iMac Pro, where we have already seen that every time it is responsible for more important tasks to lighten the CPU activity.

This does not end here, according to Mark Gurman we will see more Apple computers with a chip designed by them, and they will arrive this year.

A new report published by Bloomberg reviews the last years of Apple and how it has begun to design more and more chips for its products. First was the A4 chip of the iPhone 4 and since then every year we have seen a new generation.

In 2013 the Secure Enclave also arrived with the M7 coprocessor of movement. With the latest iPhone? In addition to the integration of artificial intelligence in the Bionic A11 chip, Apple has added a proprietary GPU.

But it is not only mobile, Apple Watch comes with the S-series chip, AirPods with the W series and of course, the MacBook Pro and iMac Pro with the T-series chip.

Little by little Apple seeks to create its own hardware from start to finish, just like the software. Therefore, that we see new models of Mac with an own chip and Apple should not surprise anyone.

Expanding the Mac catalog with its own chips

According to Mark Gurman, Apple is preparing a total of three new Mac for this year that will incorporate a coprocessor of their own. Two portable models and a desktop model.

That desktop model will presumably be the modular Mac Pro that Apple promised for this year. As for the portable models, it is likely that we will see an update of the MacBook Pro and the … MacBook.

The MacBook could finally put aside the MacBook Air, as a concept of the lightweight laptop has already exceeded, just missing a price adjusted and take the Air model out of the market.

At the moment it is about that, coprocessors, which are not processors. Speculating for the purpose of Intel on the Mac is complicated, but if Apple has managed to get any third-party CPU out of their iOS, tvOS and watchOS devices, it will be a matter of time before it does so in macOS.

Did you plan to renew for Mac this year? Maybe you’re in luck.