Apple depends on Samsung to produce the iPhone X Plus screen

It is an open secret that Apple is working on a vitamin version of the iPhone X. We are talking about the iPhone X Plus, the next flagship of the American manufacturer that will surely be presented within the framework of the next developer conference of the firm.

And it is increasingly clear that Samsung will be responsible for manufacturing the iPhone X Plus screen.

The Cupertino-based manufacturer has been trying for some time to find new suppliers for the iPhone X Plus screen. The problem is that LG, which was the manufacturer with more possibilities to create flexible OLED panels that would mount the terminal, will not be able to compete with Samsung.

The reason? According to reports that the prestigious Wall Street Journal has been able to access, LG is having serious production problems when it comes to producing the 6.5-inch screen of the iPhone X Plus.

the one in charge of supplying the panels of his next workhorse So the only option of the American firm is to depend on Samsung to make it.

It is confirmed that Samsung will manufacture the screen of the iPhone X Plus

Apple’s idea was to find a new supplier to manufacture the iPhone X Plus screen. And reasons are not lacking; Samsung being the only provider of these panels is the Korean firm who establishes all economic agreements and, in the absence of competition, it is getting really expensive to Apple its deal with its main rival in the telephony sector.

The problem is that it has no other options than to accept the conditions imposed by Samsung since no other manufacturer is able to mass produce the flexible OLED screen that will mount the iPhone X Plus so, although LG is trying, for now, the manufacturer Cupertino-based will have to depend solely and exclusively on Samsung. And this is going to be really expensive.

You have to have the next generation iPhone must enter production line in July so that they can be announced in September and arrive as soon as possible to stores. The idea of Apple is to sell 50 million terminals with OLED screen and LG does not have the infrastructure or technology that Samsung has to meet the strict quality and performance objectives that Apple demands.

In this way, and at least during this year, the only option of the American manufacturer is to depend on Samsung to manufacture the main component of the iPhone X Plus, so that the Korean firm will take advantage of to get the most benefit from such a fruitful agreement.