Apple launches surprise leather cases for 12-inch MacBook

MacBook Pro

iPhone X reserves are not the only novelty of today. Apple has released official sleeves for the 12-inch MacBook, made in European leather and sold for 169 euros. Its interior is covered in soft microfiber so as not to scratch or damage the MacBook.

The case is sold in two colors: blue night and caramel brown. Do not “mate” to the computer: it is a “sock” to measure. Its price makes it an official alternative but more expensive than other third-party manufacturers, but we are talking about a case made of leather and not neoprene.

Matching with the iPhone X

Curiously, the two colors of this new case are also present in the leather case of the iPhone X. It is the first time we see cases of this type for computers, and depending on their success I would not be surprised to see similar cases for MacBook Pro in the near future.

The cases are shipped directly in one working day and I would not be surprised if they were already present in the Apple Store itself. In fact, they can be ordered from the web to collect them later in stores.