Apple suppliers are confirming rumors, the Face ID will be present on several devices

If something has the TrueDepth camera of Apple are exclusive components. Very few companies use some of these components, so when a manufacturer begins to mass produce … it is very easy to relate points and know that Apple is up to something. Lumentum, Apple’s VCSEL provider is an example of this.

More revenue, more orders, more products with TrueDepth

As it has been seen in Lumentum’s quarterly results reports this week, the company has had better results than expected. This is because the volume of advance orders you have received is considerable.

Lumentum is in charge of manufacturing the VCSEL sensors of Apple’s TrueDepth camera. This sensor is the one that manages to detect the depth of objects by means of a three-dimensional mapping. That essential for the Face ID to work, and therefore is essential to any new product with Face ID.

Returning to Lumentum, analysts predict a good autumn for the company. These advance orders suggest that the great demand that it is having for the next months is due to the arrival of new products with Face ID.

The demand is greater than expected, calculate that Apple could present three phones with a TrueDepth camera. No surprise, it’s the rumor we’ve been hearing for months. And let’s not forget the iPad Pro.

As we already warned a few weeks ago, it is predicting a good autumn for these Apple suppliers.

The company has already invested 390 million dollars in Finisar (the other VCSEL sensor provider) to create a new production plant. Manufacturing on a large scale is not easy, especially when you depend on third parties.