Apple surprise event this month. Presentation of iPhone SE2 and new iPad?

We did not expect to have news about upcoming Apple events until the celebration of WWDC 2018, in which we should have the first features of iOS 12 confirmed.

However, the company has just invited students and the press to a new conference that will take place later this month. Will we see new iPad and the expected iPhone SE2?

The company has started sending out invitations to media and students where a strange message appears: “Let’s take a field trip”. The information that accompanies this invitation to the Apple event also reveals its date of celebration, on March 27 ( coinciding with the presentation of the Huawei P20 ).

Although it is not the first time that Apple creates an event of this type with the arrival of spring, it is not very clear what the company is prepared for later this month. It seems that the event will focus on education, and will take place in Chicago, Cupertino, California, even though the company specifically built a theater for this type of event.

What can we expect from this surprise Apple event?

We can not ignore that, for some time, it has been rumored with the arrival of new products of the firm this spring. We have heard “siren songs” copper new accessories for MacBooks, iPads and Apple Watch, as well as the possible arrival of new devices such as the new generation iPad, or the expected iPhone SE2.

If we look back, towards the presentation of the first 4-inch iPhone SE, we see that it became official on March 31, 2016. That is why one of the most obvious bets of what we will see in this surprise event of Apple is the successor of that mobile, an iPhone SE2 that could incorporate part of the design features of the iPhone X.

We are struck by the celebration of this new Apple event because the firm did not make any during the same dates last year, and Apple is usually inflexible in this regard.

Just look back to remember as in previous years we have had keynotes beyond 2016, specifically in 2015, 2012 and 2011.

Apple surprise event this month. Presentation of iPhone SE2 and new iPad?

Fortunately, we just have to wait for a little over a week to see if Apple will present the iPhone SE2 in this new event, the next-generation iPad, or simply be a talk to encourage the young developers of Chicago.