Apple plans to use MacBooks and iPads as wireless chargers

I know I usually comment on it a lot, but it is that every day I clearly see that there are two Apple, one of them I love, the other … well I understand that it has to exist, but personally it would seem phenomenal if it were not so. And seeing this news I cannot help but rejoice, because it is precisely the one that talks about the Apple that I like, the one that has made me a client of Cupertino for many years and that I consider continuing to be so in the future.

Induction wireless charging is not something new for Apple, in fact, the company has been working on this technology at least since the beginning of 2016 when it began to register patents in this regard, and as we know today from Patently Apple, we may be surprised soon adding induction charging function to MacBooks and iPads. But no, I do not mean that both devices will be able to be charged using said technology (which would also make sense), but that they would assume the role of chargers.

Thus, as you can see in the image, extracted from one of the patents presented by Apple, the surface located on both sides of the touchpad would become a charging area that both iPhone and Apple Watch could use, thus allowing that when we are using the computer, which are the times when we are least likely to use other devices, they can be recharged without having to use cables.

Apple’s proposed strategy appears to be to incorporate carefully placed inductive charging coils into every Apple mobile device. For example, the patent explains how coils can be placed along the front and back of an iPad, allowing it to charge wirelessly from one side while transmitting the charge to another device on the other side. As a result, the proposed system is highly interchangeable, with a large number of possible device and location combinations. That is, charging chains could be established, in which a device is both charged and charger.

Apple plans to use MacBooks and iPads as wireless chargers

In addition, this opens the door to some software-controlled functions that can make the connection much more intelligent, and therefore other operations are carried out simultaneously with the load. For example, by putting the iPhone on the charge on the MacBook, the dump and backup of the last photos taken with the iPhone since the last connection can be started automatically. Interactions between the various components of the Apple ecosystem can take great advantage of these new charging features.

The patent implies that this magnetic alignment system could be used on any of your wearable devices to provide a better experience when charging wirelessly, and it would certainly make sense to expand ‌MagSafe‌ or a MagSafe- like a system to more devices to support this ecosystem of devices. And is that we remember that, for now, MagSafe is only available, for now, on the iPhone 12 … will we see the news in this regard in 2021?