More bets for a 13-inch MacBook: KGI includes it in its predictions

A little more than a month ago the prediction appeared: Apple was going to renew the offer of its cheaper laptops to rekindle sales.

And it would do so by launching a 13-inch MacBook with the modern form of the 12-inch MacBook, replacing and perhaps killing MacBook Air.

Now it’s KGI that talks about that hypothetical 13-inch MacBook. The company has added it in its predictions, noting that the laptop will appear before the end of the first half of 2018.

In Cupertino would have aimed to increase 15% of sales of laptops with that movement.

Mission: to convince the most adjusted budgets

Those sales should not be hard to come by. The MacBook Air that is currently sold has some old specifications, but even so, it is sold since right now it is the cheapest laptop Apple has.

Many are still looking for more savings than the lightness of the 12-inch MacBook or the power of the MacBook Pro.

Perhaps it will be some of the novelties that we will see during the WWDC 2018? The dates coincide so that it can be presented during the keynote and released before the end of June.

There is also a more optimistic likelihood of a presentation in a keynote before the end of March, although that is already seeing the glass very full.