The iPhone X cameras design goes for long, Apple will keep it in 2018

How is the design of the cameras on the iPhone next year supposed to be? With the various changes implemented by the iPhone X, it is logical to think that Apple will maintain this design for a few years, but regardless of that, it needs to evolve and improve. One aspect with which it is speculated is that of the camera and its design.

In the iPhone 7 Plus, Apple introduced the double camera for the first time. In the iPhone 8 Plus, this design has been maintained and only the sensor has been improved to obtain a higher performance. The iPhone X goes a step further and adds optical stabilizer also to the telephoto lens and not just to the main camera. On the iPhone of 2018 … Nothing, surely Apple will keep the design of the iPhone X in this field.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will maintain this design for several reasons:

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]With the characteristics of the rear camera, the iPhone X has managed, in our opinion, to find a phenomenal balance between the quality of the image and the design of the form factor, taking into account how far we have come today technologically. Switching from a 6P lens to a 7P or a 2G3P hybrid lens, with a camera module design very similar to that of the iPhone X, would only bring limited improvements in the aperture performance, we believe.[/perfectpullquote]

What do you mean with 6P, 7P, and 2G3P lenses? They are the amount of layers and material of the lenses. Apple is currently using a six-layer plastic model but it has been speculated that it uses seven layers of plastic or two of glass and three of plastic.

Obviously changing the number of lenses or the type of lenses would require extra effort to manufacture the camera modules. Therefore, if Apple improves the camera in the iPhone next year surely improvements are focused on new software features or slight changes in the sensor and the opening of the camera.

Anyway, we can already get a slight idea of what the next iPhone will be like. The biggest unknown? Probably his name.

// MacRumors