Facial recognition of the iPhone 8 could work with the phone located horizontally

iPhone 8

More details of the iPhone 8 continue to be filtered from the HomePod code lines.

After knowing some of the possible design details of the device, coupled with the possibility of facial recognition, in the last few hours, 9to5Mac shared a new report ensuring that the Face ID (written in the code as Pearl) of the next Apple smartphone Could work even with the phone located horizontally.

According to the report, in the code HomePod has found a line that refers to this feature, which will allow us to unlock the iPhone when supported on a surface.

The most possible are that, for this to be possible, the facial recognition uses infrared that would allow it to be effective even with rare angles.

A quick and accurate Face ID

But this is not the first time we’ve heard that this feature will work even when the phone is on a surface.

In early 2017, Bloomberg released a report explaining that Cupertino’s Face ID technology would have a high degree of accuracy and speed. This means that users can scan their face and unlock the iPhone in a matter of milliseconds.

Regarding the uses that will be given to this feature within the iPhone, we find that the code HomePod mentions “APPS USING PEARL”, which could refer to the compatibility of Face ID with third party applications, something that would be quite useful and Which would come in line with what is currently happening with Touch ID, which is compatible with many platforms, such as banking and finance applications.