Facial recognition on Macs? Apple already has a patent to make it possible

The rumors of a 3D facial recognition system have been very present lately thanks to Mark Gurman on Bloomberg, but now it turns out that we could also see it on the Macs, thanks to a series of patents that reflect us since 9to5Mac.

And these patients would not only be limited to identifying users by analyzing their face in three dimensions and automatically logging into the system: Macs could benefit from more features.

What do you seem to do the reverse step when you move away from a MacBook?

If you approach, I prepare

Features such as Power Nap could be enhanced if Macs get this facial recognition. A MacBook might be at rest, doing low-power tasks in the background. But if it detects a face nearby it could boot to react faster if that person is placed in front of the Mac.

And if that face ends up being that of the owner of the Macbook, it could unlock automatically after analyzing and verify his face. The same could happen on the iMac, without going any further. Being computers there is much more space to place the sensors and the power offered by the processors is more than enough to be able to process the necessary data.

Will this system replace long-term TouchID fingerprint recognition? It’s too early to say that. Remember that we are talking about rumors and that a transition will not start until that supposed iPhone releases the sensors. We do not take it for granted, much less.