The HomePod would be launched “in 4 or 6 weeks” according to the first estimates

The HomePod would be launched "in 4 or 6 weeks" according to the first estimates
The initial delay of HomePod jeopardized the Christmas gift plans of many people, but that delay was not going to be eternal. Apple promised for early 2018, and early predictions already say we could have it in stores in 4 or 6 weeks.

That would be flexible by mid or late February, which coincides with the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona.

Perhaps it will be the ace in the sleeve that Apple will have to attract attention in the middle of an event in which it never has an official presence towards visitors?

Safe launch but more difficult success

The prediction comes from GBH analysts, who also say that Apple is going to have a difficult time for HomePod to become a sales success at AirPods level.

The wireless headphones of Apple can be considered the first in its category for its concept and ease of use, while there are already many speakers like the HomePod in the market.

The most popular right now is the Amazon Echo, with Alexa integrated, and there is a very economical alternative called Echo Dot for $ 50 that delights those who do not want to spend so much money.

Everything depends on whether that quality of sound that HomePod presumes attracts enough.

There will be demand because the latest studies indicate that 37% of US households that have not yet done so plan to buy one of these speakers. And that may be just the beginning.