We have it close: the model number of the iMac Pro is filtered before its launch

Some already told me these days: Where is the iMac Pro? Were not they going to launch it in December?

HomePod was also set to launch this month, and its delay, along with the absence of news on the subject, has raised suspicions that Apple’s new professional desktop will not appear in stores before the end of the year parties.

But as it seems, we can breathe easy. From AppleInsider, we learn that the model number of the iMac Pro has been included in a document of the Eurasian Economic Commission, and that model number is A1862. Apparently, the record of that number occurred during the last days of November.

Attentive to a possible closure of the Apple Store online

In Apple’s traditional rumorological encyclopedia, when the model number of a product appears, it means that there are only a few days left to officially see it for sale.

We do not expect any keynote for it, the iMac Pro was already presented during the WWDC 2017, but maybe we should be vigilant next week?

The signal, with much security, will be a closure of the Apple Store website. We should know something before the Christmas holidays so that Apple can have a good rest at the end of the year.