iOS 11.2 in addition to improving the battery comes with all these changes and corrections

On Saturday of last week, Apple released, to everyone’s surprise, the definitive version of iOS 11.2. Despite the surprise, there was a reason for this sudden release: to fix a bug in the local notifications that blocked the iPhone.

In any case, iOS 11.2 is a major update and brings some of the changes we had been waiting for some time, others that we did not know and improvements in autonomy for many.

The 12 changes in iOS 11.2 for iPhone and iPad

After analyzing the new version of iOS 11.2 and looking for all the changes made by Apple’s engineers, there are a total of 12 that are worth mentioning:

  • Fixed the bug in the calculator: For some reason or another, when adding 1 + 2 + 3 in the calculator the result was not 6.
  • Notices in the Control Center: Due to the confusion that could lead to disabling Bluetooth or Wi-Fi in the Control Center, now comes to a notice that explains that it really does not turn off.
  • Improvements in the connectivity buttons of the Control Center: Continuing with the issue of confusion, when turning off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, they are now blank, indicating that they have only been partially deactivated.
  • Apple Pay Cash: Apple Pay Cash is already available, although it does not work for everyone and not on all devices. Possibly in the coming days, it is fully activated. In any case, it is not available in Spain or Latin American countries.
  • Fast charge to 7.5W: If you have a 7.5W wireless charger you can charge the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X to this power.
  • AirPlay 2: AirPlay 2 allows you to connect your device to multiple accessories at the same time and control them from one place. This is intended to connect the iPhone to HomePod and Apple TV for example.
  • Light changes in emojis: They have not introduced new emojis but there are improvements in some. For example, the glass of whiskey no longer has ice (as it must be!).
  • New wallpapers: We already talked about the new wallpapers that introduced iOS 11.2, now available for all those who update.
  • Discounts on app subscriptions: Developers will be able to offer introductory (cheaper) prices of their subscriptions for the first months.
  • Small changes in the interface: Details like filling in blue the searches in the App Store or the covers of the more square albums in the Control Center are some of the changes.
  • Control Center Indicator on the iPhone X: On the iPhone X to help understand where to open the Control Center, they have put a line below the battery and connectivity icons.
  • Fixed bug notifications: The main reason for this hasty update: fix a bug that restarted the iPhone constantly during December 2 if a local notification arrived.

More battery life?

Many users are indicating in specialized forums and social networks a remarkable improvement of autonomy in previous devices. Possibly this update has finally solved all the errors that made the iPhone or the iPad drain drastically its battery.

However, it is something that we will have to check over time. If you still have battery problems try these tips. In my case, I have noticed some improvement in an iPhone 7 Plus, but based on experience and not real tests.