iOS 11 reveals the design of the new AirPods and the Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3

The final version of iOS 11 reveals information about the new Apple Watch and a review of AirPods that will be presented in a few days by Apple with the iPhone X.

IOS 11 files continue to reveal information about Apple’s new products. In addition to the many new features for the next iPhone, iOS 11 also reveals information about the Apple Watch Series 3 and an AirPods review.

AirPods: a small review welcome

The code names of the new AirPods “AirPods 1,2” indicate that it is a simple revision of the version released last year that had the code name “AirPods 1,1”.

The design seems unchanged, except for the recharging box which now displays the load indicator on the outside. Previously the indicator was inside the box which forced to open it for a simple check.

Apple Watch Series 3: same design and chip 4G LTE

[quote_colored name=”” icon_quote=”no”]The Apple Watch application from iOS 11 displays an image of the new Apple Watch.[/quote_colored]

It can be seen that it retains the same design as the previous models, which will ensure compatibility with the accessories of the first versions. The only noticeable difference comes from the Digital Crown on the side that displays a bright red tone.

No information for the moment about the features of this new Apple Watch, except that it will be compatible with the 4G LTE. A screenshot of Watch OS shows a dedicated button to disable 4G, and a button to connect with the iPhone displaying the design of the new iPhone.