The future of the iPhone we know it, will the iPad X be the next one we see?

The future of the iPhone we know it, will the iPad X be the next one we see?

There are still weeks for Apple to put the iPhone X on sale, the iPhone’s future for the next few years according to Tim Cook.

The absence of Home button, Face ID and artificial intelligence are the pillars of Apple for years to come. But what about the iPad?

The iPad has always followed the steps of the iPhone. Each of the technologies that Apple has implemented in its phone has subsequently seen on the iPad: Touch ID, exterior colors, cameras, thinner bevels … What tells us that the iPad will not follow the example of the iPhone X?

The hard way to get an iPad X

That sooner or later the iPad will incorporate Face ID and an OLED screen is something that we can not doubt. The problem for Apple is not to develop this technology since it has a reduced version of the iPhone X, the problem is to get it launched in mass.

Having the ability to manufacture as many devices with OLED screens and TrueDepth cameras as the market requires.

Possibly the first thing we will see in the next few years will be the migration of all iPhone to models without frames, without Home button, and with Face ID.

It will be then when Apple begins migrating the iPad to this design, and who knows, maybe the Macs also somehow or other.

Does this mean that we will have the same style of iPad for several more years? No, surely we will see how features such as wireless charging are gradually incorporated. But what is clear is that at the moment they can not get as many OLED panels as to cover the demand of the iPhone and the iPad at the same time.

The iPhone X has arrived to mark the way, it has advanced a couple of years to the market, to show us what is to come.

When Apple, its suppliers, competitors, and users are ready, more models, more brands and more devices will come with the technologies of the iPhone X, and one of those devices that will arrive first is the iPad.