The iPhone 8 would arrive in four colors, one of them would be the new mirror effect

iPhone 8

As the months pass and the official release date of the iPhone 8 is closer, rumors increase.

Last week the leaks pointed to the presence of facial recognition on the next Apple phone, which does not necessarily mean that the TouchID disappears, as it could be located in the back of the computer.

Now, there are new rumors related to the colors that could have the iPhone 8

According to 9to5Mac, one of the great surprises that would have saved Apple is the arrival of the mirror effect, to endow the team with a classic element, as it would be very similar To the finish that had the old iPods.

However, the website claims that it is possible that the source has confused the mirror effect with the jet black, as it is quite similar to a mirror.

Another rumor related to the iPhone 8 tells us about the fast charge. According to blogger John Gruber, wireless charging technology would not be available for the launch of the upcoming Apple smartphone.

Through his Twitter account, Gruber explained that he heard that the inductive load will be sold separately from the iPhone and that could come later, even with the launch of iOS 11.1.

Finally, we left them with a non-functional prototype of the iPhone 8, which was published by the YouTube channel Unbox Therapy. The prototype has a 5.8-inch screen in a very thin body and is not much larger than the iPhone 7.

In addition, it supports the theory of the disappearance of the TouchID from the front, so it gives strength to the Speculation of the arrival of facial recognition as a new security system.