More iPhone X problems: the sound is distorted at high volume

The fact of being one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year causes thousands of eyes are on you, and this is as good as bad.

We have already warned the great capabilities of the new Apple smartphone, but it is also true that since for sale have detected several problems of the iPhone X as the green line that appears on the screen or that the smartphone stops working at low temperatures.

Now comes a new fault, related to the audio system of the top of the range. A limited but growing number of owners of the iPhone X claim to be experiencing clicks or distortions in the sound of the mobile that emanate from the front speaker of the device at high or high volumes.

This bug reminds us of the audio problems that occurred last year in the original Google Pixel. A couple of dozens of users have stated that they are affected in a MacRumors discussion topic on the subject, while similar alerts have surfaced on Twitter and Reddit since the iPhone X was launched just over a week ago internationally.

The new problem of the iPhone X On affected devices, distorted sounds or buzzes appear with any type of audio playback, including phone calls, music, videos with sound, alarms and ringing tones. The problem does not seem to be limited to any specific configuration of iPhone X or iOS version so it seems it would be a hardware failure that has affected a certain number of flagship units of the Cupertino.

While the sounds may be the result of normal distortion, especially since they only play at higher volumes, several users are convinced that there could be a major software or hardware problem that affects the headset.

The iPhone X’s headset works like a speaker that combines with the traditional speaker on the bottom of the device to simulate stereo sound. Both the iPhone 7 and the new iPhone 8 also have this type of system, but their users do not warn of a sound failure like the one that appears on the iPhone X.

However a few months ago, several owners of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus experienced a similar problem of “static noise” with the handset during phone calls. Apple recognized the problem and corrected it in iOS 11.0.2.

Since the annoying sounds on the mobile phone do not seem to be limited to phone calls, it is not clear if the problems are related. We will have to wait for the next statements of apple to know what is the origin and the solution to this new problem of iPhone X.