iStockNow: keep an eye on the iPhone X stock in the Apple Store without queuing

You can now keep an eye on the iPhone X stock in the Apple Store without queuing

A new week begins and the queues continue in the Apple Store early in the morning. It will take some time to normalize, although Apple has already begun to improve the delivery times of online orders.

Until then, Apple stores may still be the only way to get an iPhone X at the moment and without waiting. For this, we have the tool that you can not miss in your browser: iStockNow.

Monitor the iPhone X stock without leaving home

Not all Apple releases generate the same level of anticipation among users who want to buy their products. Although in recent memory we have two other examples other than the iPhone X.

It is the iPhone 7 Plus jet black and AirPods. Both devices had a very limited release during the first weeks, where the iStockNow website played a key role.

To use it, we must access it and choose the live map that shows all the Apple Store in the world. There will be displayed a menu with numerous products tracked by the web, with an important presence of Apple devices and equipment. We will choose the iPhone X, with the capacity and color we want.

When applying these filters, the map will show in green the locations where that iPhone X model is in stock. This way, you will know in advance if your model is in a particular store. From there you have two options:

  1. Make the online order with the collection in store, to ensure the reservation as soon as possible.
  2. Play it and go to the Apple Store in person, although it is more likely that you have flown by the time you arrive.

iStockNow can be used to find out if other recently launched Apple products are also in stores. Like the Apple Watch Series 3 or Apple TV, as well as products from other brands such as the Nintendo Switch.