Some MacBook keyboards suffer problems with dust and other elements, these are the possible solutions

Some MacBook keyboards suffer problems with dust and other elements, these are the possible solutions

In 2015 Apple introduced the new MacBook, an ultra-thin notebook that welcomed not only the wireless world but also keyboards with butterfly mechanism. The keyboards with butterfly mechanism later Apple introduced them in the Magic Keyboard or in the rest of presented laptops.

They provide greater thinness and better ergonomics, but also problems

Having a keyboard so thin can become unproductive, leaving aside if it is ergonomic for each user, the real problem is that many keys are getting stuck. With so little travel, several users are reporting to Apple that the keys are getting stuck due to the specks of dust. Surely between less dirt than on a keyboard of the previous generation, but the little dirt coming in completely clogs the keys.

What solutions do you have if the keys stop working

  • Take it to an Apple Store if it is under warranty: There is no need to worry, if the product is still under warranty you can take it directly to the Apple Store to have it fixed. Usually, Apple changes directly the entire keyboard or the part to which the keyboard belongs.
  • Use the home method proposed by Apple: Apple has not officially recognized the problem but has created a document on the support page to solve the problem. The solution is to use a spray of compressed air and apply it on the keyboard to remove by force the specks of dust. The method may seem somewhat sloppy, but if you have no guarantee is the most convenient solution.
  • Take it to the Apple Store without warranty: In this case, you will be charged to pay the cost of the repair. As we have said, Apple does not simply change a key but changes the entire keyboard. Currently, the cost of this repair is around 350 euros.
  • Wait a little longer: Since more and more cases like this are appearing, it is likely that at some point Apple will recognize the error as an official. In such case, a free repair is usually offered for the affected devices that are not under guarantee.

As a curiosity, the error may not yet recognize Apple, but already has a song of its own.